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Dr. Monica Mehta is a Physiatrist in Jersey City, NJ. She helps patients to recuperate from injury or disease to enjoy a higher quality of life.
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Located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Easily accessible by all forms of transportation. Located opposite a major hospital.
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Learn about Monica Mehta, MD

Dr. Monica Mehta is a doctor that offers pain evaluation in Jersey City, NJ. She helps patients by evaluating the reason for their pain and disability. She also helps treat and manage the pain and disability arising from nerve, muscle, and orthopedic disorders and injuries, helping you enjoy a better quality of life.
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Effective Pain Evaluation

Don’t let pain stop you from living your life. At the Center For Evaluation and Treatment P.A., you will find the assistance you need to overcome the pain that is afflicting you. Monica Mehta, MD, and her experienced team are here to help. The center offers pain evaluation in Jersey City, NJ. With Dr. Mehta’s help, you will recover from your injury and stay on the path towards optimal health.

Dealing with pain can be a big obstacle during your recovery. Whether you are suffering from a chronic condition like rheumatoid arthritis or undergoing therapy from a vehicle accident or sports injury, the sensation of pain can have lingering effects. Pain does more than affect your body--it can also influence how you think and feel.

Without an appropriate treatment plan, it can be difficult to focus on your health care goals and return to a sense of normalcy. By working with Dr. Mehta, you will work with an experienced physiatrist who understands your situation. She will work with you to find the cause of your pain and then deliver a customized pain management plan that fits your needs.

A Wide Range of Treatment Options

Overcome the pain and discomfort that is afflicting you by relying on Dr. Mehta and her team. Your pain management plan will address your specific situation. Dr. Mehta and her team utilize the latest technology and methods to provide a complete approach to care. From rheumatoid arthritis treatment to work-related injuries, the Center empowers patients to overcome pain in its many forms.

Contact us to arrange an appointment with a physiatrist. The Center for Evaluation and Treatment P.A. proudly serves patients in Jersey City, NJ. With the help of our experts and rheumatoid arthritis treatment, you can get greater freedom from nagging pain and disabilities from injuries and disorders due to nerve, muscles, bones, and joints.