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Dr. Monica Mehta is a Physiatrist in Jersey City, NJ. She helps patients to recuperate from injury or disease to enjoy a higher quality of life.
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Dr. Monica Mehta is a doctor that offers pain evaluation in Jersey City, NJ. She helps patients by evaluating the reason for their pain and disability. She also helps treat and manage the pain and disability arising from nerve, muscle, and orthopedic disorders and injuries, helping you enjoy a better quality of life.
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When it comes to living with arthritis, it can make everyday tasks and routines difficult to carry out. But with the right treatment, you can start living your life again without being barred by the pain. The Center for Evaluation and Treatment offers professional arthritis pain services in Jersey City, NJ. We’re committed to helping alleviate your pain as much as possible using treatments that feel right for you. You can count on our experienced physicians to listen closely to your needs and help make a recovery plan by conducting a pain evaluation.

A Wide Range of Treatment Options

Dealing with pain can be a true obstacle for everyday tasks, and chronic pain or arthritis is not something that just goes away; you can count on us to provide arthritis pain management that will allow you to get back to your life without being overwhelmed by pain. Dr. Mehta and her team will help you find the pain relief you need whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or are recovering from an accident. Your pain management plan will address your specific situation, and using the latest technology and methods to tackle the situation will provide a complete approach to your care.

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