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Location of Our Pain Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Jersey City, NJ

Landmark: Located in the Doctor’s Building opposite Christ Hospital. 
Service Area: Proudly Serving Patients in Hudson, Essex, and Morris County as well as Jersey City and Lower Manhattan

Our pain diagnostic and treatment center in Jersey City, NJ, is conveniently located and easily accessible by car and public transportation. However, we’re not just a convenient choice. With more than 45 years of experience, Center For Evaluation and Treatment P.A. is among the community’s most trusted clinics for pain relief.

We believe that no one knows your pain better than you. After all, it’s your body. That’s why we listen closely to our patients before making a diagnosis and recommending treatment. Furthermore, our staff understands that there is no “one size fits all” therapy. We tailor our recommendations according to the details of your case, our professional pain diagnosis, and your goals.

One Center, Many Treatments

Whether you’re suffering pain from a spinal issue, an electrical injury, or something else, the team at our clinic is here to help you. We offer treatments for the following concerns all in one place:

Nerve Pain Muscle Pain Pain Following Surgery
Spinal Pain Electrical Injuries Pain Caused by a Disability or Chronic Illness
Head & Skull Pain Joint & Body Pain

Furthermore, if you’re unaware or unsure what’s making you ache, our diagnostic staff helps you get to the root of your problems. Visit today to speak with our team; no appointments are necessary.

Contact us for the experienced team of physicians and effective treatment options at our clinic.