Trusted Pain Evaluation Doctors

Meet Our Pain Evaluation Doctors in Jersey City, NJ

Chronic pain can be draining on your mind, body, and soul, which is why it’s vital to get the help you need from pain management specialists. The Center for Evaluation & Treatment P.A. can provide the assessment and diagnostics required to administer appropriate pain management solutions. Our pain evaluation doctors give Jersey City, NJ, patients the hope they need to see a future without discomfort.

Compassionate & Individualized Care

Our clinic is expertly guided by Monica Mehta, MD. She provides the experience and compassionate care required to aid you on the road to recovery. Dr. Mehta tailors her treatments so every individual gets the comprehensive care they deserve. 

Dr. Mehta brings multiple qualifications to the table. She began her career in 1982 as an independent physical therapist before becoming a board-certified physician through the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. She recently worked as a clinical assistant professor at the New York Medical College and gained essential insight as a research fellow working on arthritis medicine clinical drug trials. Throughout the years, she developed extensive skills in pain evaluation and determining impairment and disability percentages.

Dr. Mehta has owned and managed several pain management facilities, including the Pain & Disability Institute P.C. and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Service. She also previously served as the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Director at Jewish Hospital & Rehabilitation Center in Jersey City. 

Her experience as a pain evaluation doctor means patients can expect knowledgeable, personalized solutions for their pain management.