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Electrical Injuries

Electrical injuries can range from mild to severe, and in certain cases, you may be left with chronic pain, tingling, numbness, and other symptoms. The worst cases feature loss of consciousness, seizures, and cardiac arrest, while milder cases may only leave a burn.

If you have experienced an electrical injury in Jersey City, NJ, reach out to us at the Center for Evaluation and Treatment P.A. Our specialists will perform a thorough exam and recommend the appropriate course of treatment for you.

We work with patients of all ages who have experienced electrical shocks due to lightning, low voltage alternating current, high voltage alternating current, and direct current. Treatment for electrical burns varies according to the severity of the case. Severe cases will require treatment at the nearest emergency center. Once your medical team discharges you, our doctor and staff will be ready to discuss pain management strategies with you.

At our clinic, we appreciate the consequences that pain has on your life. Pain reduces your quality of life, your productivity, and your mood. You may no longer be able to participate in activities you used to enjoy, or your pain may make it difficult for you to concentrate. Fortunately, there is hope. Our team is here to treat pain and help you begin to feel normal again.


Contact us for greater freedom from nagging pain and disablilties from injuries and disorders due to nerve, muscles, bones and joints, with the help of our experts and arthritis treatment.