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The Trusted Pain Management Doctors in Jersey City, NJ

When you are in pain, those terrible sensations you are feeling are often the only things you can think about. Suffering from pain can prevent you from doing your normal activities—or worse. At the Center for Evaluation and Treatment P.A., we are committed to helping patients feel better. As your pain management doctors in Jersey City, NJ, we are here to assist you in alleviating symptoms and finding avenues of care that allow you to live as comfortably as possible.

We have two doctors at our practice who specialize in pain management and treatment. As a result, we can provide a wealth of options that are tailored to the needs of our patients. Our pain management doctors will work with you to identify the causes of your discomfort and then formulate a program that allows you to manage symptoms and pursue a meaningful pathway to recovery.

As humans, we do our best to avoid physical pain at all times, but regardless it seems to have a way of finding us all eventually. Whether it’s through accidents, diseases, overuse, or some other reason, there will come a time when you will feel the piercing bite of back, neck, or shoulder pain. Although it’s pretty much an unavoidable fact of life, that doesn’t mean that you have to just accept it and attempt to live with the discomfort. Dealing with pain is what we do at the Center for Evaluation and Treatment P.A.

There are many ways to confront your pain head-on. You don’t want to let it rule your life or diminish the joy you get from the simple pleasures of life. Our skilled and caring staff members will help you find the relief you deserve. We will take the time to learn all about the issue that is troubling you and then discuss the best ways to treat pain in your case. We understand that each of our patients is an individual, and that’s why our treatments are all personalized to your condition. We have found that treatments that are tailored to the individual are always the most effective.

Understanding Pain

Discomfort can arise from virtually anywhere—such as a result of an accident or repeated stress from routine activities. Due to various factors affecting your situation, it can be helpful to learn about your condition and how it might affect your treatment. View the resources about the different types of pain below.

Classification and Theories
Follow-up - Back Pain
Work-Up - Back Pain

Clinical - Back Pain
Fractures - Pain

Clinical - Neck Pain
Treatment - Back Pain

Dealing with pain can be challenging. However, you don’t have to live with the suffering. By pursuing treatment with our doctors, you will find ways to identify the causes of your pain and find ways to counteract it. Rest assured: we will be with you at each step.

Contact us and request a consultation for pain management and treatment. We serve patients throughout Jersey City, NJ.